5 Best AI Video Generators (Text-to-Video) for 2021

The statistics of the new decade prove that video does not just retain its position in advertising - this format breaks all records in its effectiveness! There is simply no better format in terms of coverage and effectiveness. Many areas have added the video format to the list of their services and capabilities: e-commerce, SEO promotion and much more.

Nevertheless, creating an original and high-quality plot is far from easy: this will require not only professional equipment and the rental of a special studio, but also a team of professionals, not to mention the purchase of the necessary software. The consequence of this is a new item of expenses - large, but necessary.

Suppose that you have already got all of the above - this does not guarantee success, because at any moment the law of meanness, the human factor or a banal accident may work, which at best will delay, and at worst - discard the project for a considerable time.

In our search for Plan B, we researched AI video generators - and it exceeded our expectations!

The presence of advanced artificial intelligence allows you to create videos of the highest quality not only for channels in social networks and instant messengers, but also for advertising campaigns, documentaries, and more. Visually, these videos are almost impossible to distinguish from those created by a specialist, but they are much cheaper.

We present to your attention five of the best AI video generators of their kind, which can instantly and without the slightest difficulty turn text into a noteworthy video.

Nevertheless, our main goal remains customer focus: we care first of all about the comfort of our readers. So we can assure you: we provide a description of all products and services as objectively and without warning as possible.

You Must Know This Before Choosing A Video Generator

You will not find two identical profile programs: some are easier to use, others are more difficult; some need additional modules to generate video, others do not. There are even specialized video generators that create videos for specific areas.

And this is good: you can choose exactly the software that meets all your tasks and will help you solve them at the highest level.

As a result, I bring to your attention my own review of the best representatives of software that is capable of creating video clips, in which I considered all the advantages and disadvantages, including the pricing policy. Based on the data presented, you can make an informed choice in favor of the service that is more useful for you.

Video Generators With A «Live» Speaker

With all the variety of generators, first of all, I would like to discuss those in which a virtual speaker is built - an avatar, the narrative of which will be as similar to a human as possible. In the end, everyone wins: both you and the audience get an impeccable speaker.

1. SYNTHS.video - Article to video Maker

Key Features

To date, we, in our humble opinion, consider this video generator to be almost the best: it allows you to automatically generate a video from a URL, the quality of which in these conditions can be called simply unprecedented! In order to turn your script into a full-fledged video plot, it is enough to press just one button - and now, the high-conversion video has already seen the light, all that remains is to find a worthy application for it! which are forty ready-to-use avatar languages, the ability to upload videos in HD and more than 45 ready-to-use avatars whose facial expressions and gestures, not to mention pronunciation, are incredibly close to human - almost indistinguishable!

The official site assures (and we have no reason not to believe) that a completely basic algorithm is sufficient for the operation:



At the moment, not all the promised functions are available in the basic package, which is compensated by serious discounts on the product.

Synths.video video Pricing

This indicator is another indisputable advantage. At the moment, even the YouTube Start package has a 50% discount, which makes it only $ 399 per month.

In this package you will receive a package sufficient for both a beginner and an experienced content maker:

2. Synhtesia

For me personally, Synthesia is my favorite of all AI video generators. In the videos created by this software, all information is communicated to the audience through a humanoid presenter, who is much easier to trust than dry letters and numbers.

Synthesia also has a ton of equally reliable options for operating: it doesn't matter if you want to adapt the program for digital marketing, staff training, and more. As a result, you get the perfect gadget in order to save not only time and resources, but also nerves, because you do not need any additional programs and modules to create video materials - Synthesia will replace everything.

Key Features

Thanks to Video Maker, you can create a full-fledged video from a script in just a couple of minutes. This is another indicator by which Synthesia has confidently bypassed similar video generators: thanks to it, you can create a video of any format up to 30 minutes long, which is ideal for your purpose, whether it is entertaining storytelling or teaching.

The interface of the video platform is as user-friendly as possible: after the activation is completed, you just have to enter the script, modify the design of the speaker's avatar and its surroundings according to your preferences, download additional audio and video materials - and more!

Then it's up to artificial intelligence. Built-in modules will analyze all the information entered, and if everything satisfies the instructions, then the video will be ready for use within a couple of minutes.

Presenter and voiceover are a must-have for all Synthesia videos. Their specific features will be based on the data you entered. In my opinion, the realism of an avatar breaks all imaginable patterns: gestures, facial expressions, voice are practically indistinguishable from a real person.

Artificial voice design does not lag behind other indicators. Monologues are built at the level of native speakers in full accordance with the uploaded data. The result is a one hundred percent understanding of each replica.

The AI ​​Synthesia database contains over 40 languages. The level of elaboration is amazing: all languages ​​from English to Thai are worked out perfectly.

In order to maintain quality, the number of languages ​​in one video is limited to five, but this is quite enough to create a full-fledged introductory video for the vast majority of the audience.

Synhtesia Pricing

Synthesia's pricing structure is as simple as the interface. Since May of this year, customers have received two tariff plans to choose from: The first plan will allow you to take advantage of most of the features, with the exception of voice customization and the introduction of custom avatar settings. There are also four significant limitations:

First of all, a credit system has been introduced for the users of this package: a user receives 10 credits per month, each of which is equivalent to one minute of video. Accordingly, you can create several videos, the total duration of which will not exceed 10 minutes.

Also, no matter how many credits you added, your video cannot exceed 10 minutes in time. In order to overcome this limitation, you will have to switch to a corporate plan.

Finally, remember that a video with an embedded avatar cannot be used in a paid advertising campaign running on social networks, browsers and instant messengers. In turn, they can be embedded into your website, placed on your Facebook profile and on your YouTube channel.

If the issue of using Synthesia-generated videos for a paid advertising campaign is very acute, then you will have to either switch to the corporate plan or buy a custom avatar feature - it will cost $ 1,000.

The first option, of course, will give more advantages, because then you will get access to all the functions built into the application, including a personalized avatar, access to the API, an increased credit limit (200 credits per month), priority in the provision of assistance by the support service and some premium services.

An excellent platform for realizing all your wishes for automatic video generation, especially for those who work in the field of education and training. You can create videos with your own hands that will not be inferior to professionally filmed videos in terms of visual quality and voice acting. Also, you do not have to record voice acting on your own, if in a specific situation you do not need a voice belonging to you or your colleagues. The maximum video length is 30 minutes, which is perfect for any content maker.
There are also a number of smaller advantages:


Videos with embedded avatars cannot be used in any paid advertisements (including,). However, if you are using your own avatar (i.e. yourself), you can use it anywhere. Multiple restrictions for personal users.


Rephrase.ai is an excellent option that will allow you to generate any type of video for presenting an audience of absolutely any information product. This software uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), a highly sophisticated deep learning framework that promises unrivaled results.

Key Features

The main features of Rephrase.ai are similar to those of Synthesia. Rephrase.ai will allow its user to create the highest quality video, the main character of which will be a virtual speaker.

Creating a video with Rephrase.ai is not difficult at all. You just need to select a presenter, upload a script and multimedia, and, of course, set up a video - done!

Artificial intelligence will allow you to convert your written text into high-quality live speech, which eliminates the need to upload a file with voiceover comment.

The most pleasant feature, in my opinion, is that you can attach a CTA label to each of your videos. Thanks to such shortcuts, the number of attracted customers grows exponentially!

Video Editing Suite - Rephrase.ai provides a variety of tools with which you can edit videos. Specifically, these tools will allow you to change the entire timeline without the use of third-party programs and additional employees.

Custom Actor is a component similar in functionality to a custom avatar from Synthesia mentioned above. In this case, you can also replace the built-in character with yourself or your colleagues without the slightest obstacle, so that the "communication" between the audience and the virtual assistant is as close and natural as possible.

Rephrase.ai Pricing

Rephrase.ai's pricing policy is definitely a weak point due to its complexity. One type of tariffication is intended for individual customers, the other is designed to work with enterprises in need of recognizable stylized videos.

A starter pack costs $ 25 for one month. The prices when ordering by the company are floating and depend on the specific situation.

The starter tariff plan will give the client access to an almost complete set of functions, with the exception of setting the actor's parameters and API. And again, users are pursued by the policy of ten credits per month - one minute per credit.

If your needs at this stage are limited to embedding small videos on your own website for demonstration, then this rate is ideal. If you need more timekeeping, you will have to switch to the corporate plan, receiving advanced features, including the ability to customize your character, API access keys, and much more.





Designs.ai is a comprehensive tool that aims to harness the power of artificial intelligence to reduce the burden on multimedia creation processes, including logos, visual content, speeches and videos.

Is a whole set of tools that will help you use the built-in artificial intelligence as efficiently as possible - and there is a lot to turn around here! According to the company, two minutes are enough for the service to create a full-fledged video - is that so? Let's find out!

Key Features

The process of creating a video using AI Video Maker - Designs.ai is really as simple as possible:

- enter, copy, paste or upload your script (no longer than 20 sentences, because brevity is the sister of talent, and the possibilities of the service are by no means limitless );

- decide on the orientation, length and color of the text - let them match the mood of your brand as much as possible.


Now select your Industry, Speech Language, and Voiceover Timbre (Male / Female). All that remains is to manually edit the minor flaws and select the audio, images and videos from the Gettyimages library to challenge the AI ​​a bit and include them in your final video.

So, as you can hear, the quality is pretty high. Moreover, each video has its own artificial voice acting, which eliminates the need to create it.

It's also nice that literally one click completely resizes the video to fit the format of various platforms and hosting: Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and t. D. Or, leave everything in the hands of AI: it will be he who will automatically adjust your text and video content so that it is suitable for all platforms.

Designs.ai Pricing

In the case of Designs.ai, the pricing policy is not quite typical: it only offers an integrated approach. In other words, any tariff plan will allow you to use the full set of tools.

"FreeBasic" will cost a client $ 39 per month, Pro will make you shell out $ 79 in a month.

The "Agency" package provides an individual pricing policy for each specific case.

Those who choose "FreeBasic" will have at their disposal the vast majority of functions and will not be limited in the number of downloads. The only fundamental requirement is that you have to create a personal voice behind the scenes. We believe that without voice acting, the tool loses most of its useful functionality. It will also be difficult to generate a high-quality storyboard.

For our part, we recommend starting with the Pro tariff package, one of the components of which provides the ability to create a voiceover monologue in more than 20 languages, as well as convert storyboards to PDF and a lot of less significant ones. but no less nice features.



The maximum length of a video clip is minimal - only one and a half minutes, which is why the program is suitable only for creating the shortest possible videos. In this case, we believe that putting the positioning of the text in the hands of artificial intelligence will be the most erroneous step. Manual tuning is the key to success.


Lumen5 is a special module that uses a special set of artificial intelligence and interactive machine learning to create videos. If you do not have a lot of experience in creating professional video clips, Lumen5 will be the solution to all your problems, helping to give a new video uniqueness and originality.

Key Features

Video Maker - AI Lumen5. Also, a video generator can easily create an animated video from text, only the process of creating such a project will be slightly different.

After choosing a template and format, you are taken to a platform that will help you correct all the "sharp corners" of your video. The process of finding and adding related media resources from the library is simplified as much as possible, as are the operations for changing styles and loading your audio and other media fragments.

Moreover, you can customize the sets of fonts, colors and resolutions, and if you want, protect your product watermark or logo.

Would you like to insert your own script? No problem, you can even import them from your own site!


So, the button "turn into video" is pressed - now it is the turn of advanced artificial intelligence --- which will help with the selection of the most important moments from the text and associated pictures, after which it will show them in the video. A few minutes - and voila, the video is ready to use!

Unlike Synthesia, all of Lumen5's animation videos are not accompanied by a humanized presenter, which may well lead the audience to lose interest in the videos

However, this video generator is still very valuable: the Lumen5 NLP (Natural Language Processing) model not only filters and selects useful and important points from the blog text, but also selects related images.

The only significant drawback of Lumen5 is the short duration of the plots: a maximum of five minutes.

This means that Lumen5 is ideal only for generating small videos for social media platforms. If you are looking for an AI video generator for corporate training, you should consider Synthesia or look elsewhere.

RSS Feeds - Lumen5 can automatically create videos for you every day from your RSS feed.

Lumen5 Pricing

From the height of my experience, I can say that authors, as a rule, require videos with the highest possible resolution. Accordingly, the plan with the minimum required requirements is Premium. The creation of videos, the resolution of which reaches 720p, is available only when subscribing to a couple of the lowest tariff plans.

In turn, the premium plan will allow you to access the full set of software functions, including the maximum resolution for video ( 1080p), over 10 million stock images, and a selection of custom fonts and colors.

This plan makes it a lot easier to create large and structured videos. The limit for videos is 15 videos per month, which is, on average, enough for an individual user


It is impossible to create a video longer than 5 minutes. Accordingly, videos will only be suitable for promotion on social networks and instant messengers, and will not be suitable where stories with a more complex structure are needed.


In turn, the process of writing scripts for videos with artificial intelligence can be simplified by using copywriting tools and content generators.

These tools use GPT-3 technology, which is responsible for generating text and creates excellent readable text for your videos. Also, many tools write scripts based on copywriting formulas. As a result, you get a video with the highest conversion in a few minutes.