How to Turn Articles Into Videos in 2021

When you turn your blog post into a video and upload it on a platform like YouTube, you’re doubling the chances of it getting seen. When more people see your content, it means more traffic, and we all know what more traffic can possibly bring – SALES.

In those cases, converting your article into video is a great way to jump into video marketing and get your feet wet. On top of that, it’s super easy and takes very minimal effort.

In this article, we will show you how to turn your blog posts into highly engaging videos that people will rave about on social.

YouTube Traffic Statistics

If you still have any doubts about why you should turn your articles into videos, here are some YouTube statistics that are, frankly, mind-blowing:

So, now that I’ve got your attention, you’re probably asking:
How do I turn my articles into videos?

1) First step: Choose human avatar

Choose a human avatar from 40 pre-recorded avatars for your videos.

This avatar will read your articles with lip-sync technology and voiceover.

Set up avatar position, size and style, also you can pick background color and font for video.

You can find it here

2) Second step: Connect YouTube channel

You can find it here

Our main goal is to help all type websites drive traffic and leads from YouTube and build a separate distribution channel for your content.

We did all YouTube verification steps so our app is absolutely secure to use.

We have built-in integration with YouTube so we can auto-upload videos on your behalf. No need to do anything.

Add RSS for handling 100+ articles per month and we will deliver videos in 20 min after the news release.

3) Third step: Submit article URL

You can find it here

Submit your blog post URL for converting and we will grab only article content.

Choose best-performing content on your website for making videos that will drive traffic from YouTube.

Making video with AI is a hard part and it takes time(15-30min) but you can submit many articles at the same time.

When the video will be ready our service auto-upload it on YouTube with Metadata (Title and Description).

4) Fourth step: Get your video

You can find it here

At the dashboard you can download video, change YouTube title and description and open uploaded video by clicking preview image.

How the resulting video will look?

Check videos made by on our channel